Next Generation Sequencing

NEBNext® Sample Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing

Library preparation of nucleic acids relies on a coordinated series of standard molecular biology reactions, and preparation of high quality libraries at high yield is a critical first step in the next generation sequencing workflow. As the number of applications in the realm of next generation sequencing increases, so does the need for reagents and protocols for library preparation.

NEBNext® reagents are a series of highly pure reagents that facilitate sample preparation of DNA and RNA for next generation sequencing. NEBNext kits are carefully designed to improve yields and library diversity using minimal input amounts. For example, each reagent in our new NEBNext Ultra II DNA Library Prep Kit (NEB #E7645) has been reformulated, resulting in a several-fold increase in library yield with as little as 500 pg of input DNA.

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NEBNext® is a registered trademark and NEBNext Direct™ is a trademark of New England Biolabs, Inc.

  1. NEBNext Direct® Target Enrichment

    Learn about the innovative NEBNext Direct technology for target enrichment for next generation sequencing.

  2. NEBNext Ultra II DNA Library Prep Protocol

    This video walks you through DNA Library Preparation using the NEBNext Ultra II DNA Library Prep Kit. The video also includes tips for optimization as well as safe stopping points.

  3. NEBNext® Ultra™ II Directional RNA Workflow

    Learn more about the streamlined workflow for the NEBNext Ultra II Directional RNA Library Prep Kit.

NEBNext® Sample Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing includes these areas of focus:

Illumina® Library Preparation
NEBNext® Ultra™ II DNA Library Prep
NEBNext® Ultra™ II RNA Library Prep
DNA for Illumina®
RNA for Illumina®
Ion Torrent™ DNA Library Preparation
DNA for Ion Torrent™
454™ Library Preparation
DNA for 454™
RNA for 454™
DNA Library Preparation
RNA Library Preparation
DNA Fragmentation
NEBNext® dsDNA Fragmentase®
NEBNext® Automation
NEBNext FFPE DNA Repair Mix

FAQs for NEBNext® Sample Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing

Protocols for NEBNext® Sample Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing

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