NEBNext Direct® for target enrichment

NEBNext Direct

NEBNext Direct employs a unique technology that enables highly specific target enrichment of genomic regions of interest. The result of a partnership between New England Biolabs® (NEB®) and Directed Genomics™, this innovative approach to target enrichment balances the speed and precision of multiplexed PCR-based approaches with the content scalability typical of hybridization-based methods. This flexibility allows a single workflow for assays ranging from single gene tests to comprehensive panels including several hundred genes. Regardless of sample type or assay content, NEBNext Direct allows you to enrich your targets with precision.

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Learn more about the NEBNext Direct Cancer HotSpot Panel and view performance data.

Challenges and Opportunities for Next Generation Sequencing Target Enrichment

Target enrichment offers several advantages over more comprehensive genomic profiling for a variety of scientific and applications. During this webinar, we explore the advantages and limitations of target enrichment, and discuss how NEBNext Direct®, a novel solution for selective enrichment of genomic targets, addresses these challenges.

NEBNext Direct® Workflow

View our tutorial for help visualizing NEBNext Direct’s unique and enabling workflow.

NEB TV Episode 11

Precision medicine requires precision enrichment. Learn more about target enrichment and its role in clinical applications.

NEBNext Direct® Target Enrichment

Learn about the innovative NEBNext Direct technology for target enrichment for next generation sequencing.

NEBNext Direct

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  • Generate a higher percentage of your sequencing reads aligning to your targets
  • Obtain uniform sequencing of ALL targets, regardless of GC content
  • Save time with a streamlined workflow that couples enrichment and library preparation
  • Generate high quality libraries with limited input amounts and degraded DNA samples, including FFPE and ctDNA
  • Distinguish molecular duplicates, reducing false positive variants and improving sensitivity
  • On-bead sample preparation is ideal for automated workflows

What People are Saying

NEBNext Direct enrichment technology is by far the fastest and most automation friendly protocol available today. I can have samples on the sequencer in 6 hours starting from genomic DNA. The technology produces very high on target percentages (>90%) for even very small panels, and in combination with molecular barcoding produces low duplication rates. From an optimization perspective, NEBNext Direct enrichment allows me to assign individual captured fragments to a probe unambiguously, thus giving the opportunity for optimizing the coverage distribution of any target.

– Eric C. Olivares,

Using the NEBNext Direct kit, we were able to detect all known single nucleotide variants and indels in DNA extracted from fresh frozen or FFPE tissue derived from glioma biopsies. We could also clearly see amplification in genes like EGFR or PDGFR. The workflow is really easy and fast and can be rapidly implemented in a lab.

– Yannick Marie,
   Sequencing Core Facility Manager,
   Brain and Spine Institute (ICM)

The kit and its technology are easy to use and easy to automate, allowing us to get up and running quickly. The protocol itself is fast and efficient to obtain deep coverage of targets, giving homogeneous results for FFPE and frozen tumors, therefore opening doors for customized panels.

– Francis Rousseau, Ph.D.
   Director of Genomics for
   IntegraGen SA