Restriction Endonucleases: Molecular Cloning and Beyond

History of Cloning

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Learn more about the various types of molecular cloning found in the workflow below:  Traditional Cloning, PCR Cloning, Seamless Cloning, Ligation Independent Cloning (LIC) and Recombinational Cloning.

Cloning Workflow

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Synthetic Biology 
Synthetic Biology is a more recent expansion of the biotechnology field, in which genes and proteins are viewed as parts or devices, with the goal of re-designing and/or assembling these parts in novel ways to create a new and useful functionality. Recent advances in biofuels generation, production of biochemicals, and understanding the minimal genome all benefit from synthetic biological approaches. Often these projects rely on the ordered assembly of multiple DNA sequences to create large, artificial DNA structures. To this end, methods have evolved to simplify this process. NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly and Gibson Assembly can be used to create many functional DNA structures, from a simple joining of two metabolic genes, all the way up to the creation of an artificial genome.

To help select the best DNA assembly method for your needs, please use our Synthetic Biology/DNA Assembly Selection Chart.

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