FAQ: Why is the unit definition assay for Thermolabile Proteinase K (NEB #P8111) different from the unit definition assay for Proteinase K, Molecular Biology Grade (NEB # P8107)?

Proteinase K, Molecular Biology Grade (#P8107) uses a traditional denatured hemoglobin substrate to measure activity (1). This traditional assay allows comparison of Proteinase K activity to the current and historical market.  Over the years, casein has also been used as a substrate with less precision then hemoglobin. 

Thermolabile Proteinase K (#P8111) uses a more modern approach in which a nitroanilide substrate is used to measure activity by visible absorbance. This assay is preferred for its direct readout of proteolysis, sensitivity and 96-well plate compatibility. For the development of the direct assay see Pozgay et al. (2).



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