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DNA Ligases

NEB offers a variety of ligases for DNA research. Many of these enzymes are recombinant, and all offer the quality and value you have come to expect from our products.

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DNA Ligases

9°N™ DNA Ligase

Blunt/TA Ligase Master Mix

E. coli DNA Ligase


HiFi Taq DNA Ligase

Hi-T4™ DNA Ligase

Immobilized T4 DNA Ligase

Instant Sticky-end Ligase Master Mix

NEBNext® Quick Ligation Module

NEBridge® Ligase Master Mix

Quick Blunting™ and Quick Ligation™ Kits

Quick Ligation™ Kit

Salt-T4® DNA Ligase

SplintR® Ligase

StickTogether™ DNA Ligase Buffer

T3 DNA Ligase

T4 DNA Ligase

T4 DNA Ligase Reaction Buffer

T7 DNA Ligase

Taq DNA Ligase

Taq DNA Ligase Reaction Buffer

Thermostable 5´ App DNA/RNA Ligase