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Exonucleases and Non-specific Endonucleases

NEB offers a number of endonucleases and exonucleases that cleave DNA.

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Exonucleases and Non-specific Endonucleases

DNase I (RNase-free)

DNase I Reaction Buffer

DNase I-XT

Exonuclease I (E. coli)

Exonuclease I Reaction Buffer

Exonuclease III (E. coli)

Exonuclease T

Exonuclease V (RecBCD)

Exonuclease VII

Exonuclease VIII, truncated

Lambda Exonuclease

Micrococcal Nuclease

Mismatch Endonuclease I

Msz Exonuclease I

Mung Bean Nuclease

Nuclease P1


T5 Exonuclease

T7 Endonuclease I

T7 Exonuclease

Thermolabile Exonuclease I

Thermostable OGG