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New England Biolabs has called upon its 40 years of expertise in enzymology to develop several solutions for epigenetics research, including NEBNext® Enzymatic Methyl-seq (EM-seq™) and the EpiMark® suite of products. 

A new method for DNA methylation analysis at the single base level, NEBNext Enzymatic Methyl-seq (NEB #E7120), is now available. This enzyme-based technology minimizes damage to DNA and produces high quality libraries that enable superior detection of 5mC and 5hmC from fewer sequencing reads.

Easy-to-use EpiMark kits simplify DNA methylation (5mC) and hydroxymethylation (5hmC) detection and analysis, as well as ChIP, histone and nucleosome analysis. Independently applicable, individual epigenetics reagents also complement the EpiMark® kits. NEB's methylation- and hydroxymethylation- sensitive or dependent enzymes, DNA methyltransferases and DNA controls are all useful for mapping DNA modifications and methylating DNA at specific sites for gene expression studies. Our protein methyltransferases and recombinant histones perform efficiently in protein modification and characterization studies. Our range of modified and unmodified genomic DNAs can be used as controls for detection of DNA methylation. Our series of human DNA (cytosine-5) methyltransferase (DNMT) antibodies are ideally suited for Western blots and immunoprecipitation.

Our complete Epigenetics suite is expertly designed for optimized research and discovery.

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