Bst 3.0 DNA Polymerase
cloned at NEB recombinant NEBU 65 80 Heat

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Bst 3.0 DNA Polymerase demonstrates robust performance even in high concentrations of amplification inhibitors and features significantly increased reverse transcriptase activity compared to Bst DNA Polymerase.

  • Optimized for Loop-Mediated Isothermal DNA Amplification (LAMP)
  • Simplified reaction setup: single-enzyme RT-LAMP reaction
  • High reverse transcriptase activity up to 72°C
  • Offers fast polymerization rates and robust performance even in presence of inhibitors
Catalog # Concentration Size
M0374S 8,000 units/ml 1,600 units
M0374L 8,000 units/ml 8,000 units
M0374M 120,000 units/ml 8,000 units
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