pNEB193 Vector

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    pNEB193 is a pUC19 derivative that carries unique AscI, PmeI, and PacI sites. The only differences between pUC19 and pNEB193 are in the polylinker region. A unique AscI site (GGCGCGCC) is located between the BamHI site and the SmaI site. A unique PacI site (TTAATTAA) is located between the BamHI site and the XbaI site, and a unique PmeI site (GTTTAAAC), is located between the PstI site and the SalI site.

    The polylinker does not interrupt the lacZ reading frame. All or part of the polylinker can be easily excised with the appropriate restriction endonucleases and placed in your own DNA vector.

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    pNEB193 is isolated from E. coli TB1(hsd M+) by a standard plasmid purification procedure.

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