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DNA Cleanup

The Monarch PCR & DNA Cleanup Kit reliably purifies up to 5 µg of concentrated, high quality DNA from PCR and other enzymatic reactions. It utilizes a bind/wash/elute workflow with minimal incubation and spin times. The columns provided with each kit ensure zero buffer retention and no carryover of contaminants, enabling elution in volumes as low as 6 µl. Monarch Buffers have been optimized, and do not require pH monitoring. Eluted DNA is ready for use in restriction digests, DNA sequencing, PCR, ligation, and other enzymatic manipulations.


Monarch PCR & DNA Cleanup Kits provide fast and reliable purification, reduced hands-on time and elution in low volumes

Our unique column design offers several improvements over other commercially available products, including the elimination of buffer retention and elution in as little as 6 µl

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Advantages of the Monarch PCR & DNA Cleanup Kit
  • Elute in as little as 6 μl
  • Prevent buffer retention and salt carryover with optimized column design
  • Save time with fast, user-friendly protocols
  • No need to monitor pH
  • Buffers and columns available separately
  • Significantly less plastic used when compared with other kits
  • Responsibly-sourced and recyclable packaging
Specifications of the Monarch PCR & DNA Cleanup Kit
  • Binding Capacity: up to 5 μg
  • DNA Size Range:
    ~50 bp to 25 kb
    DNA ≥  15 bp to 25 kb (dsDNA) and DNA ≥ 18 nt to 10 kb (ssDNA) can also be purified using the Oligonucleotide Cleanup Protocol.
  • Typical Recovery:
    DNA (50 bp to 10 kb): 70–90%
    DNA (11–25 kb): 50–70%
    ssDNA ≥  18 nt and dsDNA ≥ 15 bp: 70-85%
  • Elution Volume: ≥ 6 μl
  • Purity: A260/280 ≥ 1.8
  • Protocol Time: 5 min of spin and incubation time
  • Compatible Downstream Applications: ligation, restriction digestion, labeling and other enzymatic manipulations, library construction and DNA sequencing