neb31 cloned at NEB recombinant dil_A 37 80 Heat dam

We are excited to announce that all reaction buffers are now BSA-free. NEB began switching our BSA-containing reaction buffers in April 2021 to buffers containing Recombinant Albumin (rAlbumin) for restriction enzymes and some DNA modifying enzymes. Find more details at www.neb.com/BSA-free.

NEB restriction endonuclease that recognizes the sequence GGATCNNNN^N
  • 100% activity in rCutSmart Buffer (over 210 enzymes are available in the same buffer) allowing for easier double digests
  • This is a nicking endonuclease
  • Generates DNA molecules that are “nicked”, rather than cleaved
  • Restriction Enzyme Cut Site: GGATC(4/-5)
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R0627S 10,000 units/ml 500 units
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