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    Simplify Reaction Setup and Double Digestion with CutSmart® Buffer

    Over 200 restriction enzymes are 100% active in a single buffer, CutSmart Buffer, making it significantly easier to set up your double digest reactions. Since CutSmart Buffer includes BSA, there are also fewer tubes and pipetting steps to worry about. Additionally, many DNA modifying enzymes are 100% active in CutSmart Buffer, eliminating the need for subsequent purification.

    How is NEB's new buffer system going to help me?

    Although the old buffer system worked well, NEB is continuously looking for ways to enhance the convenience and performance of its products for its customers. By adding BSA to the buffer, we were able to offer > 200 enzymes that cut in a single buffer. This improves ease-of-use, especially when performing double digests. It also eliminates the need to add BSA separately.

    View components of old and new buffers side by side.

    Activity of DNA Modifying Enzymes in CutSmart Buffer

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    1. CutSmart™ Restriction Enzyme Buffer

      205 of NEB's restriction enzymes are 100% active in a single buffer. Learn more about CutSmart™ Buffer and why it matters to you.


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