SNAP-Cell® Fluorescein

This product has been discontinued. SNAP-Cell 505 Star (NEB #S9103) and SNAP-Cell Oregon Green (NEB #S9104) can be used as alternatives.
  • Catalog # S9107 was discontinued on May 28, 2019 ;

SNAP-Cell® Fluorescein is a green fluorescent substrate that can be used to label SNAP-tag® fusion proteins inside living cells or in vitro.  This substrate has limited photostability.

  • It is a cell-permeable substrate (BG-Fluorescein) based on diacetylfluorescein
  • Diacetylfuorescein is essentially non-fluorescent, but it becomes fluorescent inside the cell when it is hydrolyzed by non-specific esterases, yielding fluorescein
  • It is suitable for standard fluorescein filter sets
  • It has an excitation maximum at 500 nm and an emission maximum at 532 nm
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