Promoting Science Education

NEB has a strong commitment to support education of the life sciences in the US. We are dedicated to inspiring young scientists and improving the quality of science education for students by providing reagents, educational materials and employee knowledge and time.

"Simply put, BioTeach's ability to offer affordable, robust molecular biology labs to teachers and students would diminish significantly without NEB’s generous support,”

- Whitney Hagins, BioTeach Mentor and Program Coordinator.


  • NEB TV Episode 26

    NEB® TV Ep. 26 – Course Support and Reagent Donation

    Did you know that NEB offers free reagents and support to teaching labs and educational courses in the US? In this episode, learn more about NEB’s course support program, hear from various organizations who have taken advantage of this benefit, and learn how educators can participate.

  • NEBTV_Ep2_VideoThumb_282x210

    NEB® TV Ep. 2 - STEM Education

    In this episode of NEB TV, learn about some exciting projects that help to promote STEM education.

  • summer-molec-ws

    Molecular Biology Summer Workshops

    Looking to gain some background in molecular biology? Hear why our Molecular Biology Summer Workshop might be just what you need.

  • Molecular Biology Summer workshop

    Molecular Biology Summer Workshop

    Find out why NEB’s summer workshop is beneficial for non-scientists in our Science in 60 segment.

  • NEBTVEp10HPthumb

    NEB® TV Ep. 10 – Genes in Space

    Learn more about the Genes in Space initiative and hear about the 2015 winner’s project, which utilized DNA polymerases from NEB to study epigenetic changes during spaceflight.