Buy two Monarch® Nucleic Acid Purification Kits and get one for free!

Easily purify high yields of DNA and RNA with user-friendly protocols. The highly pure DNA and RNA are ready for use in a variety of downstream applications. Monarch cleanup columns are uniquely designed to prevent buffer carryover and allow for elution in low volumes. 

NEB #T1010S/L, #T1020S/L, #T1030S/L, #T2010S, #T2030S/L, #T2040S/L, #T2050S/L, #T3010S/L, #T3050S/L, #T3060S/L

Choose any three  kits from the Monarch range listed here and the lowest priced kit will be complimentary. Promotion is not to be used in conjunction with other offers. Promotion is valid only for Singapore customers. 

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