Convenient Formats of Competent Cells

NEB provides these superior competent cell strains in several formats for your convenience. All are available as 50 µl single-use transformation tubes and many are available in larger, 200 µl tubes for multiple simultaneous reactions. Our most popular cloning strains are available as electrocompetent cells. NEB 5-alpha is also available in a lower efficiency, subcloning format for substantial value.

96-well, 384-well and StripWell formats may be customized upon request. Please inquire.

Cloning Formats:
Formats NEB # Single-use 200 µl tubes 96-well plate 384-well plate 
12 x 8-tube strips (StripWell)
Electrocompetent Subcloning SOC & Control Plasmid Included
NEB Turbo C2984        
NEB 5-alpha C2987
NEB 5-alpha F'Iq C2992      
NEB 10-beta C3019      
dam-/dcm- C2925      
NEB Stable C3040      
Protein Expression Formats:
NEBExpress C2523      
NEB Express Iq C3037      
T7 Express C2566      
T7 Express Iq C3016      
T7 Express lysY C3010      
T7 Express lysY/Iq C3013      
T7 Express Crystal C3022      
SHuffle Express C3028      
SHuffle T7 C3026      
SHuffle T7 Express lysY C3030      
SHuffle T7 Express C3029      
BL21 C2530      
BL21(DE3) C2527      
NiCo21(DE3) C2529      
Lemo21(DE3) C2528       L-rhamnose and Control Plasmid